organisation, team and job design

ServicesOne of the key drivers of performance is role clarity. Staff perform at their best when it is clear what their role, function and tasks are. It is critical to good performance that work is designed to flow naturally, taking into account systems and protocols, relationships and authority between teams and individual roles, and the types of people needed to build an effective team.

You have probably found that the jobs in your team or organisation have evolved over time and perhaps not much thought is put into how the work is organised – its busy, the task needs doing, we recruit someone and put them to work – often without looking at the whole team and organisation and better ways to get the work done.

Art of Staff is highly experienced in organisational, team and job design. We assess the current team, we look at matching the business plan and the team or organisational design and we look at the most natural ways to get the work done. Most importantly we don’t stop there, the design of work also needs to be considered in light of the way in which people work and the groups of skills and abilities that are usually found in a person. In other words, we design jobs that make sense to people who are looking for that job and that means you get the right person and the performance you need to make your business great.

Our unique online Job Design Studio (trademark pending), a virtual space with all the tools you need to design your jobs will help you to design both your team and your jobs quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Talk to us today to see how you can access and utilise the Job Design Studio to design your jobs or to have us help you with the structure and design of your team.

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