recruitment & selection

Recruitment and selectionOne of the key drivers of performance is good job and person fit. Getting the right person fit starts with the design of work and jobs. Designing the job well means that you know what you are looking for and will recognise the person during your recruitment process.

For every job in your business we can help you to select people who fit the values of your organisation, have the skills, experience and attitude to perform and who have the potential to grow with your business.

At Art of Staff our preferred method of recruitment and selection is to work with you throughout the process to design the job, advertise the position, source and screen candidates, design selection methods, participate in the selection with you and follow up with post-placement coaching for your new employee. In partnering with you and using this approach we will guarantee our placements for an extended period of up to 6 months. We call this our Tailored Recruitment Service and you can choose the elements you require assistance with.

Art of Staff also offers Standard Recruitment Service where we will advertise, source and screen candidates, giving you a short-list of candidates to make your selection.

No matter where you are at the in the employment cycle talk to us about how we can support you to find the best people for your organisation.

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